Cogenerating knowledge in research and policy

Cogenerating knowledge in research and policy

Examining and testing approaches to engagement between researchers and policy makers in evidence-influenced policy development

About the project
We are examining and testing approaches to engagement between researchers and policy makers in evidence-influenced policy development. Specifically, we are looking at climate change adaptation research projects, with the aim of designing co-generation activities.

Our action research activities include building relationships between researchers and policy makers in workshops, project development, shadowing and co-location, and taking opportunities to cogenerate knowledge about policy and research.

We are focusing on VCCCAR research projects to:

  • identify effective knowledge cogeneration in policy development by researchers, VCCCAR and policy makers
  • develop a literature review and a review of best practice in a range of policy-influencing organisations (e.g. the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Forum and the UK Overseas Development Unit)
  • describe and analyse approaches to researcher–policy maker interaction, understand the nature and impact of these interactions, and identify strengths and weaknesses of these approaches
  • undertake a deep-dive case study analysis of four VCCCAR projects that are considered to be effective in knowledge cogeneration and policy impact
  • facilitate improvements in research-influenced policy and dissemination based on the knowledge cogenerated in the course of this project.

Research and policy participants to date

  • Monash University: Liam Smith (Monash Sustainability Institute) and Judith Mair (Department of Management)
  • La Trobe University, Office of the DVC (Research): Eve Merton
  • Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Climate Adaptation Policy, Land, Fire and Environment: Jordan Gregory, John Houlihan, Bethany Roberts and Kate Wood
  • Fire Services Commissioner Victoria: Holly Foster
  • Department of Health, Environmental Health: Thomas Mitchell
  • Department of Planning and Community Development, Environmental Sustainability

Project outputs

  • A report on a participant engagement workshop
  • A literature and practice review on knowledge cogeneration
  • A report on knowledge cogeneration approaches used in VCCCAR research projects
  • A report on the in-depth examination of the co-generation of knowledge in the research–policy environment
  • A final report on facilitation of different knowledge cogeneration methods.

Find out more about the knowledge co-generation project:

Dr Liam Smith
Director, BehaviourWorks
Monash Sustainability Institute
Monash University

Dr Eve Merton
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
La Trobe University


Dr Judith Mair
Department of Management
Monash University