Decision taking under uncertainty

The VCCCAR funded project 'Decision taking under uncertainty: towards an efficient strategy to manage risk and uncertainty in climate change' will use the Gippsland region to analyse the process of regional planning and how knowledge of climate change impacts and adaptation options is used in decision-making. The project will consider both the energy economy and integrated land use planning, both of which need to integrate the needs of a variety of often confliciting interests and develop genuine guidelines for improved regional planning that integrates the need to consider future climate risks.

Project outputs can be found on the publications page.

The project is led by Associate Professor Jens Zinn and Patricia Fitzsimons, from the School of Social and Politics Science (SPSS), University of Melbourne. Other project members include:
Professor Ray Ison, Monash Sustainability Institute, Monash University
Dr Phil Wallis, Monash Sustainability Institute, Monash University.

Technical advisors
Dr Robert Faggian, Gippsland Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Project (GCCIAP), Department of Primary Industries
Dr Penny Whetton, Climate Projections Science Team, CSIRO.

To find out more about the Decision taking in times of uncertainty project:
Contact Associate Professor Jens Zinn, University of Melbourne