Free seminar: Dr Linda Joyce: Climate change and US forests

Event location: 
Burnley Campus, 500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond
Friday, March 1, 2013


Linda Joyce, from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, will present on: Climate change and US forests. How the USFS is addressing climate impacts and adaptation options, institutionally and in land management.

Linda’s area of expertise is quantitative ecology. Her recent research focused on quantifying the impacts of climate change on ecosystem productivity and the socio-economic implications of this change in the forest sector. As the Climate Change Specialist for the Assessment (RPA) process in the Forest Service, she identifies and coordinates analysis of potential effects of global climate change on the condition of renewable resources on the forests and rangelands of the United States. She has contributed to International Panel on Climate Change reports, served as an expert to the USDA at an IPCC meeting in Switzerland, served as a member of the Carbon Cycle Scientific Committee, the National Institute for Global Environmental Change, and the NEON Design Consortium.