Celeste Young won Best Overall Poster at the 2012 National Adaptation Conference

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Congratulations to our Stakeholder and Engagement Coordinator, Celeste Young, who won the award for Best Overall Poster at the 2012 National Adaptation Conference for her poster entitled Communicating Adaptation Effectively

Around 150 abstracts were selected to be made into posters for the 2012 conference. Celeste's poster shows the framework she has developed over years as a communication practitioner, adapted to climate change.

Celeste says that although climate change impacts are often seen through an environmental lens, climate change is a complex human condition and understanding people needs to be central to any communication undertaken.

"The framework l developed is a hybrid of creative, business and social processes that are designed to work with pre-existing communication systems. It is the result of literally hundreds of conversations with people over 20 years around the issue of how they see themselves, relate to the world and make decisions."

To view the poster click here