Climate change adaptation borrel: Dr Lauren Rickards

Event location: 
Global Cities Research Institute - Building 96, 17-23 Lygon Street (opposite Trades Hall)
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This month Dr Lauren Rickards from the University of Melbourne will speak about using scenarios for climate adaptation. 

The Climate Change Adaptation 'Borrel' is an informal monthly gathering run by The Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP). It features a guest speaker (20 mins plus Q & A), followed by drinks and nibbles, and the chance to engage with CCAP team members and others attending.

The CCAP research agenda

The CCAP research agenda seeks to better inform societal planning to future changes in climate. A major strand of research focuses on the climate risks and adaptation options facing the urban environment - infrastructure, buildings, open space, and people - with current research activity engaging with local, national, and international agendas. Due to the complexity of the issue, CCAP researchers are also engaged with other aspects of the adaptation agenda, including climate-related hazards (e.g. bush fires) and sectoral/thematic based approaches (e.g. health and tourism).

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