VCCCAR project news

Friday, October 1, 2010

Round 2 projects 

The second round of VCCCAR research projects were announced at the 2011 Annual Forum.

Project title Proponents 
Responding to the urban heat island: optimising the implementation of green infrastructure Led by Dr Nick Williams, University of Melbourne, and Dr Andy Coutts, Monash University
Enhancing water infrastructure provision with climate change uncertainty Led by Professor Harry Clarke, La Trobe University

Learning from Indigenous and traditional community knowledge for improved Natural Resources Management in the Barmah-Millewa and the wider Murray floodplain

Led by Professor Dave Griggs, Monash University 
Design-led decision support for regional climate change Led by Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT University, and Professor John Martin, La Trobe University







The projects are of 12 to 24 months duration. For more information regarding these projects please contact the research team leaders: Nick Williams and Andy Coutts for project 1; Harry Clarke for project 2; Dave Griggs for project 3; and Ralph Horne for project 4.


Round 1 projects

The first round of VCCCAR funded climate change adapation research projects started in 2010. Four projects with a total budget of $914,000 were funded by the centre. Click the links to learn more about these projects.

Project title

Framing multi-level and multi-actor adaptation responses in the Victorian context Led by A/Prof Darryn McEvoy, RMIT University
Building common understanding of climate adaptation scenario approaches and strategies Led by Professor John Wiseman, University of Melbourne
Resilient urban systems: a socio-technical study of community scale climate change adaptation initiatives Led by Professor Ralph Horne, RMIT University, and Professor Chris Ryan, University of Melbourne
Understanding policies and governance for integrated landscape management in a changing environment

Led by Professor Andy T. D. Bennett, Deakin University 

The projects are of 12 to 18 months duration. For more information regarding these projects contact the research team leaders: Darryn McEvoy from RMIT for project 1; John Wiseman from the University of Melbourne for project 2; Ralph Horne (RMIT) and Chris Ryan (Melbourne) for project 3; and Andy Bennett from Deakin for project 4.