VCCCAR forum highlights

Event location: 
Treetops Gallery, Melbourne Museum
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VCCCAR's first annual forum provided an opportunity to review the Centre's progress to date in identifying priority areas for research, developing climate adaptation research projects, promoting regional engagement on climate adaptation issues via think tanks, the appointment of a visiting research fellow and the establishment of administrative and governance mechanisms. Equally important, the forum brought together researchers and government decision-makers to exchange ideas on how Centre's climate adaptation research program might develop over the next four years. Scoll down to view some of the materials presented on the day.

      Quentin Grafton

Forum participants: Rod Keenan, Gavin Jennings, Peter Rathjen, Daine Alcorn, Annabelle Duncan, Nigel Tapper, Quentin Grafton, Jean Palutikof, John Martin, John Wiseman, Darryn McEvoy, Andy Bennett, Yolande Strengers, Roger Jones.

Forum resources

VCCCAR would like to thank the forum presenters for agreeing to allow the following material to be viewed from this site:


The following presentations can be viewed at the 'Live @ Melbourne' site

  • Forum welcome from Professor Rod Keenan, Director, VCCCAR
  • Official launch by the Hon. Gavin Jennnings, Victorian Minister for the Environment and Climate Change
  • Responses to Minister Jennings from the partner universities
    • Professor Peter Rathjen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), University of Melbourne
    • Professor Daine Alcorn, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, RMIT University
    • Professor Annabelle Duncan, La Trobe University (representing Tim Brown, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), La Trobe University)
    • Professor Nigel Tapper, Monash University (representing Professor Edwina Cornish, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Monash University)
  • Keynote address by Professor Quentin Grafton, Director, Centre for Water Economics, Environment and Policy, Australian National University
Presentation slides

The following presentation slides can be viewed (as pdf files):

Major presentations

  • Rod Keenan Director - forum welcome
  • Quentin Grafton - keynote address - Climate adaptation and resilience: an economic perspective
  • Jean Palutikof - NCCARF: research networks, research agenda and links with regional initiatives

Research projects

  • John Wiseman, McCaughy Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health - Building a common understanding of climate adaptation scenario approaches and strategies
  • Darryn McEvoy, Leader of the Climate Change Adaptation Programme, Global Cities Institute, RMIT and Deputy Director, Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR) - Framing multi-level and multi-actor adaptation responses in the Victorian context
  • Yolande Strengers, Centre for Design, RMIT University (for Professor Ralph Horne) - Assessing resilient urban systems to support long term adaptation to climate change

Regional think tanks

  • Roger Jones, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies, Victoria University, Climate change adaptation and mitigation in Victorian drylands - Horsham April 8-9



VCCCAR's first annual forum was an opportunity to formally launch the Centre, discuss progress to date and for participants to discuss how the Centre might progress its climate adaptation research program. Feedback from forum participants will also assist with planning future events.