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Council Connections - Project Summary

Council Connections is a peer to peer learning program for local government practitioners who undertake work in the adaptation field. The program workshops series was delivered in collaboration with Victoria’s urban greenhouse alliances, The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and VCCCAR. To view the Council Connections Project Summary click here or see the PDF at the bottom of the page.

VCCCAR provided research support for the workshop. As a body that collaborates with a number of universities across Victoria, we were able to recommend and access appropriate researchers for workshops. We added to the program’s credibility in research and State Government areas, and provided financial and promotional support.

VCCCAR partner institutions

La Trobe University

Monash University


University of Melbourne

Other Victorian universities

Ballarat University

Deakin University

Victoria University

Interstate/national climate change adaptation research

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) (includes information on partner universities)