Resilient urban systems: a socio-technical study of community scale climate change adaptation initiatives

The aim of the Resilient Urban Systems project was to improve understanding of motivations to develop new systems of energy and water provision, opportunities and barriers to implementation and changes in practice resulting from these new systems.

Climate change poses significant risks to Victorian communities through expected impacts on energy and water infrastructure. Droughts and bushfires provide ready examples of ways in which energy and water systems are already vulnerable to existing climatic conditions and may be expected to become increasingly vulnerable in the future.

The pilot project will inform the development of preliminary criteria for assessing resilient urban systems in the short term and to support long term climate change adaptation for Victorian governments, agencies and programs. 

Final reports

Resilient Urban Systems first policy brief (May 2011)

Resilient Urban Systems final project report (July 2012)

Resilient Urban Systems final policy brief (July 2012)

Research team

Project leader: Prof. Ralph Horne, RMIT University
Project coordinator: Paula Arcari, RMIT University
Che Biggs, University of Melbourne
Prof. Chris Ryan, University of Melbourne
Dr Yolande Strengers, RMIT University
Dr Cecily Maller, RMIT University

Technical reference group

Dr Ifte Ahmed, RMIT University
Assoc. Prof. Sujeeva Setunge, RMIT University