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Resilient urban systems:
a socio-technical study of community scale climate change adaptation initiatives
Figure 2: Project activities and timeline
Collaboration and support
The core research team from Centre for Design at RMIT University and VEIL at the University of Melbourne
met regularly throughout the project. They also convened two meetings with the broader project team in
the early phases. RMIT’s School of Civil Environmental and Chemical Engineering were involved in several
separate meetings and communications regarding the technical features and evaluation of the systems.
Members of the VCCCAR project team ‘Framing multi-level and multi-actor adaptation responses in
the Victorian context’ provided valuable input to the project’s policy briefs. The project reference group,
established as part of Phase 1, was included at each phase of the project and provided valuable input
particularly during a forum in August 2010 for case study selection. This group was also given the
opportunity in June 2011 to provide feedback and comments during the initial development of the final
report. A draft of the final report was provided to VCCCAR and the Implementation Committee in October
2011 for review and comments. A subsequent iteration of the report was provided to VCCCAR in November
as part of VCCCAR’s ‘facilitated review’ process. VCCCAR approved the final report in December 2012 and
the second and final policy brief was submitted later that month.
Several members of the project reference group are part of VCCCAR’s Implementation Committee. The
group provided the committee with regular progress updates, which provided additional opportunities for
stakeholders to offer valuable input to the project as it developed.