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Resilient urban systems:
a socio-technical study of community scale climate change adaptation initiatives
This report was funded by the Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation
For enquiries regarding this review please contact:
Professor Ralph Horne,
Director, Centre for Design
RMIT Building 15, 124 La Trobe Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
Resilient urban systems project overview
The resilient urban systems project aims to improve understanding of motivations to develop new systems
of energy and water provision, opportunities and barriers to implementation and changes in practice
resulting from these new systems. This brief is one of a number of project outputs that include journal
articles, progress and final reports.
The project team comprises:
Dr Ifte Ahmed, Paula Arcari, Professor Ralph Horne, Cecily Maller, Assoc. Professor Sujeeva Setunge,
Dr Yolande Strengers, Julia Werner and Dr Kevin Zhang (RMIT University) and Che Biggs, Taegan Edwards,
Professor Chris Ryan and Professor John Wiseman (University of Melbourne).
The Project Reference Group includes representatives from the Department of Planning and Community
Development (DPCD), Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), Department of Human Services
(DHS), the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), Yarra Valley Water and the Environmental Sustainability
Accord (The Accord).
Visit the VCCCAR website for more information about the Urban Resilience Project: