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Resilient urban systems:
a socio-technical study of community scale climate change adaptation initiatives
Table 3: Key technical enablers of resilience identified at WestWyck*
* Information in this table is based on site visits and stakeholder interviews
Desired system
service or
Example of system feature that enables resilience
Category of enabler
Pumping station can be powered by generator if required
(though not held on-site)
Functional diversity
Partly treated waste-water can be pumped to Craigieburn WWTP
to reduce demand on the Aurora WWTP
In the event of a fault in the treatment system, the 1ML tank provides a
temporary back-up supply
Excess treated wastewater (at Class B) can be stored for extended periods
in the on-site holding dam. If necessary, Class B water can be discharged
to irrigate land dedicated for this purpose
Fail-safe mechanism
Sewerage pumping station has overflow storage capable of holding a
volume of sewerage equivalent to three hours peak flow
Fail-safe mechanism
The plant has been designed to allow for an increase in treatment capacity
if required
Design for
water supply
In the event of failure to deliver Class A water, mains reticulated water can
be plumbed in to supply the third pipe delivery systems.
Functional diversity
In future, Class A water will be pumped to a holding tank on nearby hills
that will be able to provide gravity fed recycled water to Aurora (planned
but not yet in operation)
Functional diversity
The class B holding dam provides additional back-up water supplies
(as input to the recycled water treatment system) during periods when
demand for Class-A water exceeds inflow of wastewater
Resource redundancy
In-line water quality monitoring systems are designed to detect and prevent
delivery of sub-standard Class A water to the 1ML holding tank
Feedback mechanism
Fail-safe mechanism
Hot water
Capacity for solar and gas water heating
Functional diversity
collection and
Multiple stormwater collection and infiltration points including
rain-gardens, swales and retention basins
redundancy and
Overflow drainage area
Fail-safe mechanism